Collection: Ben Sherman

Founded in Brighton, England in 1963, Ben Sherman has always been for the individuals, for those that set themselves apart, and today remains a leader of modern British style.

The Ben Sherman eyewear collection uses 100% Eco Green materials such as recyclable stainless steel, bio-based acetate and polarized TAC sunglass made from renewable sources, biodegradable demo lens, and nose pads free from harmful chemicals such as BPA and Phthalates. The collection draws design inspiration from its rich heritage, featuring a mix of 60s Ivy League prep revival, military influences, modern youth culture, and iconic looks of the century.

Explore the Ben Sherman Eco Green eyewear collection offering the perfect mod-styled look and an ultra-comfortable, adjustable fit.

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10 products
  • Chester - C01 Black
    Ben Sherman Chester men's black glass frames
  • Chester - C02 Tortoise
    Ben Sherman Chester men's tortoise glass frames
  • Chester - C03 Grey
    Ben Sherman Chester men's grey glass frames
  • Fitzroy - C01 Black
    Ben Sherman Fitzroy men's black glass frames
  • Fitzroy - C02 Tortoise
    Ben Sherman Fitzroy men's tortoise glass frames
  • Fitzroy - C03 Grey
    Ben Sherman Fitzroy men's grey glass frames
  • Grange - C01 Crystal
    Ben Sherman Grange men's crystal sunglass frames
  • Grange - C02 Brown Grain
    Ben Sherman Grange men's brown grain sunglass frames
  • Grange - C03 Green Grain
    Ben Sherman Grange men's green grain sunglass frames
  • Grove - C01 Grey
    Ben Sherman Grove men's grey sunglass frames
  • Grove - C02 Brown
    Ben Sherman Grove men's brown sunglass frames
  • Grove - C03 Crystal
    Ben Sherman Grove men's crystal sunglass frames
  • Hanover - C01 Grey Horn
    Ben Sherman Hanover men's grey horn glass frames
  • Hanover - C02 Tortoise
    Ben Sherman Hanover men's tortoise glass frames
  • Hanover - C03 Olive Horn
    Ben Sherman Hanover men's olive horn glass frames
  • Kings - C01 Black
    Ben Sherman Kings men's black sunglass frames
  • Kings - C02 Tortoise
    Ben Sherman Kings men's tortoise sunglass frames
  • Kings - C03 Blue Tortoise
    Ben Sherman Kings men's blue tortoise sunglass frames
  • London - C01 Black
    Ben Sherman London men's black sunglass frames
  • London - C02 Tortoise
    Ben Sherman London men's tortoise sunglass frames
  • London - C03 Crystal
    Ben Sherman London men's crystal sunglass frames
  • Manchester - C01 Black
    Ben Sherman Manchester men's black sunglass frames
  • Manchester - C02 Tortoise
    Ben Sherman Manchester men's tortoise sunglass frames
  • Manchester - C03 Brown
    Ben Sherman Manchester men's brown sunglass frames
  • Mill - C01 Grey
    Ben Sherman Mill men's grey glass frames
  • Mill - C02 Brown
    Ben Sherman Mill men's brown glass frames
  • Mill - C03 Crystal
    Ben Sherman Mill men's crystal glass frames
  • Queensway - C01 Black
    Ben Sherman Queensway men's black sunglass frames
  • Queensway - C02 Tortoise
    Ben Sherman Queensway men's tortoise sunglass frames
  • Queensway - C03 Blue Stripe
    Ben Sherman Queensway men's blue stripe sunglass frames