Collection: Star Fit

Evidence-driven Designs For Growing Stars

We understand that finding the perfect eyewear for little ones can be a challenging task. That’s why we have collaborated with renowned specialist Dr. Alicia Thompson, an expert in paediatric dispensing, to develop the exceptional Star Fit collection. With a deep understanding of the facial parameters that influence frame fit, we have utilised Dr. Thompson's extensive research and data to create a range of eyewear tailored specifically for children.

Video for Parents

8 products
  • SF08 - 08 Blue
    Star Fit SF08 kids' blue glass frames
  • SF08 - 08 Purple
    Star Fit SF08 kids' purple glass frames
  • SF07 - 07 Black
    Star Fit SF07 kids' black glass frames
  • SF07 - 07 Pink
    Star Fit SF07 kids' pink glass frames
  • SF06 - 06 Blue
    Star Fit SF06 kids' blue glass frames
  • SF06 - 06 Purple
    Star Fit SF06 kids' purple glass frames
  • SF05 - 05 Blue
    Star Fit SF05 kids' blue glass frames
  • SF05 - 05 Pink
    Star Fit SF05 kids' pink glass frames
  • SF04 - 04 Navy
    Star Fit SF04 kids' navy glass frames
  • SF04 - 04 Rose
    Star Fit SF04 kids' rose glass frames
  • SF03 - 03 Navy
    Star Fit SF03 kids' navy glass frames
  • SF03 - 03 Pink
    Star Fit SF03 kids' pink glass frames
  • SF02 - 02 Blue
    Star Fit SF02 kids' blue glass frames
  • SF02 - 02 Crystal
    Star Fit SF02 kids' crystal glass frames
  • SF01 - 01 Blue
    Star Fit SF01 kids' blue glass frames
  • SF01 - 01 Purple
    Star Fit SF01 kids' purple glass frames